改变停车-有效9月. 1, 2022

The university is committed to taking action on the global crisis of climate change. 改变停车管理做法,鼓励教职员工, staff and students to use sustainable modes of travel helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Effective Sept. 1, 2022, annual parking permits will be replaced by monthly permits and other flexible options, 为通勤人士提供更多选择和灵活性.

Reduced rate Value permits will continue to be available for lots that are further from the centre of campus (e.g. Velox and Ian Stewart Complex lots, off Gordon Head Road, and Lam Circle). 价值许可证的成本比一般许可证低35%,定价为48美元.75 a month. Value permit rates are $6 per day compared to $9 per day for General parking for those that park on campus less frequently.

Students, faculty and staff have a range of parking options including the Flex 25 pass, which offers 25 daily single-use General parking permits with no expiry date. Those with a Flex 25 permit are also eligible to purchase an employee bus pass.

员工公交卡的费用将从38美元降低.50 to $35 per month.

Discounted rates (equal to the cost of a Value permit) will be available for campus community members with a Parking Permit for Persons with Disabilities, 谁需要在建筑物附近停车.

停车收入支持运输需求管理(TDM)项目. The revenue from pay parking offsets the cost of sustainable transportation programs at UVic, 包括为学生和员工提供的补贴公交卡, and cycling facilities, 包括校园自行车中心, bike shelters and racks.

请参阅停车与交通 FAQ page for more information.

All motor vehicles parked on the Gordon Head Campus must have a valid parking permit Monday to Saturday, 24 hours a day. 周日及不列颠哥伦比亚省法定节假日停车不收费. 许可证是虚拟的,不需要显示. Your permit is tracked using your vehicle license plate which is required at the time of purchase.

Visitor parking

Visitors to campus may park at a short term meter or use one of the many permit dispensers located in parking lots around campus. Please note that reserved spaces on campus are marked and require a reserved permit.

More information

无论你是第一次来这里, 或者在学校待了一段时间, please familiarize yourself with parking and transportation options on campus prior to your arrival.


因为买球app哪个好用官网app是20多名学生的目的地,000个个体, 有很多选择可以让你进入校园. Walking is a popular choice for those living a short distance from the campus.     

With subsidized bus passes for qualifying employees and a subsidized bus pass for all students, 买球app哪个好用官网app是大正规买球app十佳排行地区第二大最活跃的交通枢纽. 有8条不同的交通路线可以到达大学.

Victoria is well known for its extensive cycling routes and wonderful scenery. 许多自行车道通往这所大学. Bike racks are located adjacent to every building on the campus and a small U-fixit area has been provided beside the north doors of the Parkade at the UVic Centre.

Student UPASS

买球app哪个好用官网app是大正规买球app十佳排行地区第二大最活跃的交通枢纽. 每天有13条公共汽车往返校园, 每一个都与整个正规买球app十佳排行区域的交通网络相连.

所有在校园里选修至少一门课程的学生都有U-Pass, 员工可以购买新的打折员工公交卡. Each is valid for travel throughout the region, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Please visit the BC Transit 网站获取详细的日程信息. 关于如何访问U-Pass的信息可以在 买球app哪个好用官网app学生会网站.

Visitors to campus can use the full range of bus passes available from BC Transit, from a one-way ticket, to a day pass, to a monthly pass.

Employee Bus Pass

有补贴的员工公交卡提供继续, full time UVic employees the option of using transit instead of commuting by vehicle to the Gordon Head Campus and thus having to purchase a parking permit.  These bus passes are not transferable and are for use by eligible employees only. The eligible employee must agree to purchase the transit pass for their sole personal use to commute to the University of Victoria Gordon Head Campus. 符合条件的员工将有一个持续, full time appointment and cannot purchase a regular monthly parking permit请参阅资格规则,位于这里.

符合加拿大税务局的规定, the UVic investment toward employee participation in the Employee Bus Pass program is considered a taxable benefit. 你的工资将是UVic部分的税. 公交卡可于营业时间在校园保安处购买.

PLEASE NOTE: Any outstanding balance on your account must be paid in full prior to your bus pass purchase.


正规买球app十佳排行以其广阔而风景优美的自行车道而闻名. 有UVic的各种自行车设施, including showers, 储物柜和4000多个自行车停车位, 骑自行车很容易成为你旅行计划中的一个因素.

Visit the Sustainable Transportation 网站上的信息骑自行车,从和校园内. 请注意,停放在校园内的自行车必须锁在自行车架上, 或在自行车寄存柜或自行车储存室, 不符合规定的可能会被校园保安扣押. 这所大学的自行车规则可以找到 here.

If you cannot locate your bike when you return, please inquire with Campus Security at 250-721-7599


成年人的平均步行速度是4.3 km/h. 在半小时内,你可以走2公里.

If your 2 km. 开车到学校花了十分钟(包括找停车位), and walking to your building), 额外投资20分钟, you get 30 minutes of exercise, save the cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, 而且你不需要付停车费.

 Visit the Maps and Buildings page for walking and jogging routes around campus.

Car Share - Modo

买球app哪个好用官网app是 Modo! 通过买球app哪个好用官网app汽车共享计划成为会员, you also have access to all the cars in Modo fleet around Greater Victoria and Metro Vancouver.

As a Member-Owner (individual plan Modo Plus rates) in the carshare program, 你可以使用Modo的24小时在线预订系统预订车辆. 完成后,只需把车放回原来的位置. 

Locations at UVic:

  • 校园保安在2号停车场发现了两辆车
  • 其中一辆位于家庭学生公寓(FSH)

Rates and qualifications:


买球app哪个好用官网app将支付会员费(价值500美元)以获得资格 employees and FSH students,而你须缴付常规使用费(Modo Plus rates).

The program is available for full-time and continuing employees who normally work at the Gordon Head Campus or students living in Family Student Housing who do not have a parking permit.

请参阅下列申请表格及 Modo website 有关更多详情及驾驶资格要求.

Employee Application Form


Graduate Students

研究生项目的目的是 UVic graduate students 研究生会(GSS)成员. 缴交50元不可退还的费用予综合服务监督, 学生只要是GSS的成员就可以加入Modo. Contact the GSS for more information.


UVic有7个2级(240伏),60安培电动车充电站. These EV chargers are available for the campus community and guests to top up their electric car batteries 24/7 in meter parking spaces.


  • Four EV stations are beside the Campus Security Building in parking lot #2
  • 一个电动汽车站位于大学一号宿舍(UH1)
  • 6号停车场美术楼旁有两个电动汽车站


For a map of electric vehicle charging stations locally and across North America, go to www.plugshare.com/.

在校园内使用电动汽车充电站的指引 here

UVic Motor Pool Rentals

你是否偶尔需要一辆车来处理大学事务? Campus Security maintains a Motor Pool Fleet available for rental by UVic employees. Vehicle options include mini vans (seating up to 8 including driver) as well a 1 ton cube van and are available for short or long term rentals. 咨询电话:250-721-6557 Campus Security.


Motorcycle and scooter parking — including several covered areas —is located in numerous lots around campus. 限速摩托车(无踏板), and requiring a license, registration and insurance) require a motorcycle permit and must be parked in motorcycle parking areas. See the parking map for details.

Motorist Assistance Program

Campus Security is pleased to offer this complimentary service to the University community. 电池没电,车启动不了,轮胎瘪了,锁在外面,没油了? We can help. 请致电买球app哪个好用官网app的24小时调度中心. 250-721-7599

  • Officers will provide a battery boost device for you to start your vehicle.
  • 买球app哪个好用官网app可以提供帮助来帮助你找到丢失的车辆.
  • Totem Towing will provide fuel, lockout or other services at preferred rates.

接受援助的车辆必须位于大学物业内. 现场服务可能会因呼叫量而延迟.

Bicycle and Equipment Lockers

储物柜先到先得, 先租后补,租期一个月, term or on an annual basis.  Please see one of our customer service staff at Campus Security to see what is available and to arrange a rental.